Custom Cross Fit & Spin Class DJ Mixes

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to request a custom DJ mix.

In this blog post we’ll tell you how you can request a custom cross-fit, spin class or circuit training DJ mix by DJ Royalism.

Did you know that custom DJ mixes are in high demand by trainers?

I make custom cross-fit, circuit training and spin class DJ mixes! DJs are becoming more & more popular at spin classes, hot yoga, and fun outdoor fitness events. As a retired Air Force Veteran and former track athlete (long time ago :) ), I am a huge fan of circuit training.

Circuit training can be a real bear if you don’t have a coach standing by with a stop watch though. While having a DJ mix live a spin class can help provide great energy, but a custom circuit training/cross-fit/spin class mix can provide that same energy WHILE ALSO removing the burden of having to keep track of the interval timing.

As a DJ, I started making these mixes for my training groups in the Air Force. After DJing in the Dallas fitness challenge and marathon a few months ago, I had sooooo many people asking me if I could make them a custom circuit training, cross-fit or spin class DJ mix? ......Ah yessssss!!!!

Breakdown of a 30 minute spin class mix

Round 1: 35 second reps > short break with 30 second warning

Round 2: 40 second reps > short break with 30 second warning

Round 3: 45 second reps. Each rep has a beep half-way through.

I have a large library of music in all genres that are perfect for high volume events like cross-fit, circuit training or spin class.

To order your very own customized circuit training DJ mix, please let me know the following:

  • How many sets?

  • How many reps in each set?

  • Length of reps per set?

  • How much time gap between each rep?

  • Length of break time between sets?

  • Specific song titles, artists, or genres you want

  • Should I include a mid-rep beep so you know either when to switch sides or just for the motivation of knowing you’re half-way there?

  • Should I include timed warm-up & cool down music?

A 30-minute custom circuit training DJ mix is $25. A 60-minute custom circuit training DJ mix is $55. If you’d like me to announce rep numbers or exercise names over the mic into the recording, please add $15.

With a Custom DJ Mix by DJ Royalism, you can focus on your clients while the pace/intervals you requested run on your custom DJ mix.

To order your very own custom spin class DJ mix by DJ Royalism, please walk me thru the pacing of your class (as well if you have preferred beats-per-minute ranges you like to stay in & specific song titles/artists/genres). For example:

  • 5 minutes easy warm-up

  • 2 minute medium-paced burst

  • 30 seconds rest (slow pedaling)

  • 3 minute medium-paced burst

  • 45 seconds rest (slow pedaling)

  • increase bike resistance

  • 3 minute sprint

  • 1 minute rest (slow pedaling)

  • 3 minute sprint (with last minute out of the saddle)

  • increase bike resistance

  • 3 minute sprint, out of the saddle

  • reduce bike resistance

  • 5 minutes easy cool-down

A 30-minute custom spin class DJ mix is $25. A 60-minute custom spin class DJ mix is $55. If you’d like me t